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Effective Horse Training made Simple with IHI

You will be training your horse from the very first Day

If you truly care about your horse and want the most amazing relationship with your horse you will definitely LOVE effective Horse Training made simple with IHI. You can be training your horse from the first hour and go on and beyond your wildest dreams.

Our Horse Training program is based on learning and understanding the 'laws of nature' according to the Horse. This way you can really appreciate what motivates your horse, what turns your horse on and what it really feels like having a horse do things with you, rather than because of you.

The fun that you will have when you truly understand your horse's language, the friendship you will enjoy together and the results you will mutually achieve will amaze you and will escpecially interest and refresh your horse.

IHI's Horse Training program is called H.E.R.D which stands for Human Equine Relationship Development; this program is trully about building a phenominal relationship which has a bond stronger than any old rope.

When you build a strong relationship with your horse, through our program, you will be astounded how any 'horse problems' you had will dissolve into a distant memory and you will look forward to progress and growth as a horseperson.

Excellence in Horse Training through Horsemanship

The foundation of Horsemanship gives you a relationship with your horse that is built on mutual trust, respect, impulsion and flexion. Your horse will perform with you with dignity, exuberance and heart and desire which can give you safety & fun in leisure and a vital edge in competition.

IHI (International Horsemans Institute) wants to help you become the best Horseman you want to be. Whether you want to be a safe, confident leisure rider, a top level dressage performer, an international cutter, a vocational Horseman or any other discipline you wish to follow, IHI can assist you by providing you with a pathway and a foundation to reach your goals.

Horsemanship - Quality habits which are purposely built

Horses and humans have habits, what you need to decide is whether you are happy with you and your horse's habits or whether you would like a way to mould those habits into pleasant, effective Quality Habits where both of you are Safe, having Fun, sharing a Friendship and getting the Results you want. The IHI H.E.R.D (Horse Training) program will deliver this for you.

Which Horse Training track is for you?

IHI has pleasure in offering you several different options for you to learn how to train your horse including study at home with our Success at Home series of packs and DVD's. We also offer a unique Personal Coaching program available worldwide.

We offer horse trainiing courses to suit your lifestyle, commitments and specific needs so that your experiences with IHI are always fun-filled, action packed and achieve your goals!

So if you want to learn a simple, natural approach to Horse Training , IHI can help you.



Watch a short video - Introduction To Horse Training

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Personal Coaching Program

Tony's time is now limited, courses are more infrequent.

Tony is concentrating his time on folks who are KEEN, DRIVEN, COMMITTED and PASSIONATE about their own success - these are the people who are on his Personal Coaching Program.

If you want to sky rocket your success, if you want to CHANGE you into someone your horse wants to be with, then get on board Personal Coaching with Tony, Australia’s Premier Horse Human Relationship Expert Find out more here