International Horsemans Institute

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Camp Outline

Horsemanship Camps generally run for 5 full days. Participants usually arrive on the day before the course – and meet for dinner.  We aim to provide 6 hours of tuition every day plus time for you to play with your horse. After dinner each night you can party, or relax and review the day with Instructors and other students.

Venues for camps vary from Beach Resorts to 10,000acre properties maybe Equestrian facilities or IHI itself, however no matter which venue, you can be assured our aim remains the same and that is to provide you with the most enjoyable, satisfying, energising learning experience possible and still be legal! Check out the event calendar to find the next Camp that suits you

During the five days of horsemanship, the Instructor will encourage, support and challenge you at your level. He will tailor the course to your particular requirements, so that you can go away with your thoughts, concerns and questions clarified.

The camps generally cover topics including:

On-Line – whether you are on the 12’, 22’, 45’ or savvy string
  • How to get more respect than you thought possible
  • How to build gait changes
  • How to use your phases like a horse might
  • Does your horse see you as a leader or a lug?

Freestyle – halter, bridle, carrot stick, string, bridle less

  • Let’s see if we can extend the speed, distance and stopping ability
  • Get the go to mean go; and the whoa to mean whoa
  • Gaining confidence on horseback at speed
  • Backup better than ever
  • Jump, what jump?
  • How to jump

Liberty –

  • More “come to me” and “stick to me”
  • Is your horse “with you” or “away from you” in the round yard
  • How to be more accurate without being more critical

Finesse –

  • The beginning of concentrated reins
  • Progression into soft feel and collection
  • More concentrated manoeuvres
  • How does sideways develop into sidepass, shoulder in and other manoeuvres