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H.E.R.D Program Overview

What is H.E.R.D?

H.E.R.D. or Human Equine Relationship Development program is a structured yet flexible method of coaching people to become excellent at Horse Training, so they can train their own horse and if they so desire go on and train other people and their horses if they wish.

The program is only useful for people who love and care for their horses and wish to develop their own skills to be able to communicate with their horses in a way that is understandable, sensible, logical and respectful to their horses.

What can you expect from H.E.R.D?

You can expect to gain safety, fun, friendship and results in whatever amounts you desire.

You can expect to be coached, encouraged, sometimes 'pushed', always supported and provided with experience and inspiration to help you progress.

Some of the benefits of H.E.R.D are:

  • It is about the relationship first and foremost
  • It is a system that teaches you to become so good with horses, that even horses will think that you’re brilliant!
  • It works through an understanding of the laws of nature.
  • It is communication through understanding and psychology rather than force, fear and intimidation.
  • It considers the horses point of view
  • It means no need for artificial aids of restraint.
  • It teaches you to understand the nature of horses.
  • It allows you to pursue and excel in any equine discipline you wish using Horse-man-ship
  • It will help you reach your goals faster with a horse that is mentally, emotionally and physically collected as a willing partner who is performing WITH you, not in of spite you.

How can you access the H.E.R.D program?

The IHI H.E.R.D program is tailored to assist you achieve the maximum results in the minimum amount of time. The method of delivery is up to you, you can choose from any or all of the following:

All the above methods of study are underpinned with phone, email and DVD support from IHI certified coaches.

How long will it take?

You will be Horse Training from the very first hour! You can apply the principles you are learning every time you are with your horse, and you can even practice most of the techniques without your horse, giving you flexablity of when and where you 'put in the time'

If you combine participation in official IHI courses with practice on your own, you will progress your horsemanship at an exponential rate.

Here are some examples:

  • float loading has gone from a 2 hour event to walk up lower the tailgate and on he walks (less than a minute) - this took less than 2 weeks
  • from "I'll never ride again" to "I can now ride with no bridle or saddle at canter, no problem" in less than 2 years
  • being able to have his horse lay down in just a couple of months after starting the program
  • being able to have his horse 'catch him' in a paddock, instead of having a 30minute battle to catch his horse

If you are new to Horsemanship and IHI, please look over the next few pages to gather an idea of what we offer and how you can progress through our system:

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